4L The Book
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In Volume One of the 4L series, Brett discusses his proven and revolutionary methods designed to amass, retain, and manage a book of business that not only will enable you to become bulletproof at your firm, but more importantly, give you permission to do so in a manner that does not require any sacrifice of your core beliefs or personal fulfillment.

4L fearlessly explores nearly all lessons taught to young lawyers about attracting prospective clients and updates, or completely disrupts (for example, the use of “elevator pitches”, traditional branding, or the need for a sterling reputation) each caught in its path.

What does prospecting a client have in common with picking up a date at a bar? Why do most lawyers “suck at networking”? What Legonomics, Pre-ciprocation, and Altruishness mean – and how are they critical to your ability to build a successful Law practice? What actually works in client development? Can it be learned? The answer is an unequivocal “yes”.

4L is a must-read for any Law Student, or Lawyer looking for a fresh, non-traditional perspective not just on the practice of Law – but the business of it.



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